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Constructive News

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It’s important to mention that I consider myself an info-mole. I’m addicted to thinking, discovering new data, researches, speculations and connotations. I continuously consume information from social media, news outlets and periodicals (much less from books, as they are often outdated). This lasts since I remember myself, and will hopefully last until I stop doing.

At some point I realised that information is an independent value, not necessarily related to data, knowledge, opinion, etc. I started viewing information as fundamentally indivisible from its production and consumption. Information for me became a captured or projected process of transferring data or knowledge from agent to current or prospective observer[2]. Information is generated at source to be absorbed at target. So each quantum of information for me has a purpose.

That may sound a bit too abstract, but I apply this approach both as motivational explanation of social communication, and as a way of interpretation of environmental phenomena in general. And the purposes are just two: distributing physical energy and maintaining entanglements (while the second can be also reduced to the first one deferred).

So, in the context of personal information consumption I empirically stabilised the analytic approach to each piece of information that becomes available for me:

  1. Who is sharing the information?
    • The chaining source agents of each piece can be multiple;
  2. Why is it shared by the agents?
    • Explicit, implicit or unintended purposes;
  3. How does it affect the observers?
    • Myself or other actual or potential consumers.

Let’s take a random article from Google News for analysis… WTF Google News? What is this pathetic junk? Your information is completely useless. News are generated by a graph incompetent bloggers. They post their essays for traffic conversion and social coverage. As cheapest emotions to touch are fear and disgust, the major result of these articles is bad mood of the reader. They don’t offer an objective view on the topic or present a balanced spectrum of opinions. They amplify problems and don’t suggest solutions.

I don’t appreciate this kind of information. I’m used to and wish to continue to consume information for curiosity. Or information that helps me make decisions. Or information that confidently exposes risks. News outlets fail with it miserably (luckily there are other resources online, that are better, but sometimes I tend to think the set is shrinking).

So I’m stating my wish, hope, request and demand to you, o Internet of People: Do good. You can compile the same information in a way that can suggest a constructive action. And by that I mean, that if hypothetically all followed your advice, the world would at a step become a nicer place for all.

  • I demand writers to learn that spreading evil and useless information hits them back and focus on kind and constructive.
  • I request readers to learn that accepting information without evaluating the author, the purpose and the effect makes them vulnerable to evil and useless information that weakens them.
  • I hope both sides will realise they are of comparable scope – for reader the author is a neighbour and not an abstract trumpet, and for author the reader is a neighbour and not an abstract “crowd”.
  • I wish attention and advertence of all to spring and blossom.

So I could quietly continue to do my info-digging without wasting time and effort on filtering tons of annoying depressing bullshit.

Thank you in advance.

Written by Seva

2017-02-06 (February 6) at 01:37:05

Naming a Boat

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Today I had a chat with peer managers on effective project naming, and struggled to translate the Russian idiom “Как корабль назовешь, так он и поплывет” (literally: “The way you name a ship, the same way she will sail“).

Quick research exposed that the idiom originated (as I suspected) only in the cartoon series “Приключения Капитана Врунгеля” (“Adventures of Captain Wrongel”).

Image result for врунгель беда

The most common translation of the idiom I found was “A ship will sail the way you name it“. However after some thinking I personally prefer “As you name a boat, same it’s gonna float“. And the reasons are:

  1. Idioms about boats and floating are contextually closer than about ships and sailing.
  2. It rhymes.

Nevertheless, an advice to you, my dear friend:

Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream.
If you bang a billy goat,
Don’t forget to scream.

Written by Seva

2017-01-05 (January 5) at 02:10:39

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Cycle of knowledge

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0 – ignore
1 – try
2 – repeat
3 – assume
4 – ensure
5 – conclude
6 – utilize
7 – canonize
8 –  accustom
9 – neglect
10 – forget

Written by Seva

2014-07-04 (July 4) at 10:42:37

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Serenity Night

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Roofs of the houses shake under the load of the days,
Empyrean shepherd depastures the clouds.
City spreads fire in the night with buckshot of flames,
But night is intense, its power is hard.

To those, who are going to sleep,
The wish of sweet dreams.
Tranquility night.
To those, who are going to sleep,
The wish of quiet peace.
Serenity night.

I waited for it, and here, this season has come,
Those who stayed silent, abandoned to stay.
Those who have nothing to wait, are saddling the ride,
No overtake, no more overtake.

To those, who are going to sleep,
The wish of sweet dreams.
Tranquility night.
To those, who are going to sleep,
The wish of quiet peace.
Serenity night.

The neighbors are coming, imagined the clop of the hoofs,
It can’t let them sleep, harassing their dreams.
Those who have nothing to wait are hitting the route.
Those who are saved, those are redeemed.

To those, who are going to sleep,
The wish of sweet dreams.
Tranquility night.
To those, who are going to sleep,
The wish of quiet peace.
Serenity night.

Written by Seva

2014-02-26 (February 26) at 03:28:51

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Few months ago I suddenly noticed that many popular brands have -le suffix in their names. Beatles, Deep Purple, Oracle, Apple, Google… Any more examples?

Written by Seva

2013-06-14 (June 14) at 10:30:43

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Simple No-Framework Object Oriented Multi-Layer MVC Application Example

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Recently I’ve created the subj. It’s a memory game, written in pure PHP/HTML, called “PHP Memory”.

What was important for me to demonstrate is the next principles:

  1. Even if you don’t use a framework, you should write modular code with appropriate architecture.
  2. Despite that, the application design and code should match its required functionality with no overhead of unneeded patterns and abstraction or preparations for future enhancements, unless they’re planned.
  3. Nevertheless, the code should be readable and maintainable.
  4. The bottom line is – developing a framework versus developing an application are completely different tasks. The strategy and tactics should vary very much. Of course, developers should learn from the frameworks source code, since they accumulate collective experience of great coders, but the ideas implemented in frameworks sometimes not required or even harmful while developing an application.
The demo and source code can be found here.

Written by Seva

2011-08-30 (August 30) at 01:59:26


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Today I’ve been told the second time in my life that I look Abdullah Hussein. Sceptical but intrigued, I performed an experiment to prove the opposite. The result clearly demonstrates absurdity and futility of this bold assumption. Observe.

Written by Seva

2011-06-03 (June 3) at 01:15:11

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