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Zend Studio for Eclipse Release & cetera

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Dear diary,

I have 2 news for you today.

  1. Today we successfully released Zend Studio for Eclipse. My contribution to it, beyond PDT commitments, is Sebastian Bergmann‘s PHPUnit testing framework integration plug-in, File Network support, Organize Includes and other parts of Refactoring engine, Code Coverage browser… well, it seems that’s it. Maybe several additional, but minor things. Enjoy, guys. This is really a great (and some say – the best) PHP IDE.
  2. Occasionally, these are my last days at Zend Technologies. Since next week I’m starting at Nielsen Online (BuzzMetrics) to do text-mining. If you ask why, the answer is simple – I got bored of Zend, where I spent last 6.5 years of my life, and wanted to do something really new and exciting. I hope it will work 🙂 For now I’m planning to stay an Eclipse committer and continue to help my brothers at Zend to move on.

Written by Seva

2008-01-22 (January 22) at 06:21:52

Dependency Injections in Java 5

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Recently I’ve discovered a new “framework” which simplifies dependency injections in Java 5. It’s called Guice.

Well, what can I say. It indeed has sence. But what I’m wandering of is you need a framework for this thing. In PHP you can solve the problem in exactly x lines. And certainly don’t perform at lectures to explain the concept. 🙂

Written by Seva

2007-12-22 (December 22) at 09:04:33

PDT CodeDataResolver and ContentAssistSupport Unit Testing

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Just wrote the subject related article here.

The article explains the concept of editor caret position based Unit Testing of editor links and code completion in PDT.

Written by Seva

2007-10-21 (October 21) at 04:44:00

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