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Phing plugin for Eclipse PDT

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I love Ant integration into Eclipse JDT – it provides smart editor, handy auto-completion, and the most important – fully functional debugger.

Recently I have been laboring on porting a deployment system from shell scripts to Phing, a loose PHP port of Ant. And naturally, I miss the above. I still get a little aid from Eclipse – since Phing’s syntax is very close to Ant’s, I can at use Ant editor for Phing files to enjoy property navigation and target integrity validation.

I would be more than happy to announce that I’m going to fill the gap and implement Phing plugin for Eclipse PDT, but unfortunately – I’m too busy and too lazy. On the other hand, if you, my dear friend, will suddenly decide to accept this challenge, I can gladly invest my time in architecture, design, review & testing free of charge. 🙂 Or should I anyway try to start it myself?

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2010-04-15 (April 15) at 12:31:09

Eclipse Committer Emeritus

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Time passes and doesn’t wait, and some of the plans don’t be realized, you know. So due to last year inactivity my PDT committer rights were expired and I was appointed with the Eclipse Committer Emeritus status. How sad.

I will still try to not loose connections and relations with my good old friends and will do my best for the project’s success (even if it will be just mental support).

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2009-08-12 (August 12) at 12:24:55

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Iterators in PHP

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Recently, while playing with Scala/Python/PHP comparative implementation of lazy algorithms (I will hopefully describe them some days later) with colleague and friend of mine Michael Fuks, I sorrowfully discovered that, despite there are several SPL units, which define basic Iterator interfaces and functionality, most of the functionality available for arrays is missing for Iterators.

So I decided to fill the gap and started to reimplement for Iterators the applicable non-trivial array functions and also started trying to simulate iterator comprehension (generator routines) in PHP which is missing there too. For this reason I opened a GoogleCode project of php-iterator-utils – please observe my first experiments here.

In addition I need to notice that latest NetBeans build (6.8) branch has great PHP 5.3 support and feels more stable, fast and functional than Eclipse PDT 😦

Written by Seva

2009-08-03 (August 3) at 03:46:35

Aptana “steals” PDT code

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Long time ago I set up Google alerts to receive new search results related to myself. And today I’ve discovered that Aptana steals prepares derivative work of PDT code.

The only visible “derivation” there is they changed package names, though. 🙂

Written by Seva

2009-01-05 (January 5) at 10:03:19

Zend Studio for Eclipse Creators

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As I mentioned, yesterday we released the 1st version of Zend Studio for Eclipse (it was released under version 6.0 however, to continue the line of Zend Studio numbering). And I think, my dear diary, that you should see these extraordinarily talented people that sacrificed their minds and hearts to make it possible. Here are they:

Zend Studio for Eclipse Creators

Written by Seva

2008-01-23 (January 23) at 02:33:22

Zend Studio for Eclipse Release & cetera

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Dear diary,

I have 2 news for you today.

  1. Today we successfully released Zend Studio for Eclipse. My contribution to it, beyond PDT commitments, is Sebastian Bergmann‘s PHPUnit testing framework integration plug-in, File Network support, Organize Includes and other parts of Refactoring engine, Code Coverage browser… well, it seems that’s it. Maybe several additional, but minor things. Enjoy, guys. This is really a great (and some say – the best) PHP IDE.
  2. Occasionally, these are my last days at Zend Technologies. Since next week I’m starting at Nielsen Online (BuzzMetrics) to do text-mining. If you ask why, the answer is simple – I got bored of Zend, where I spent last 6.5 years of my life, and wanted to do something really new and exciting. I hope it will work 🙂 For now I’m planning to stay an Eclipse committer and continue to help my brothers at Zend to move on.

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2008-01-22 (January 22) at 06:21:52

PDT Resource Containers Include Paths

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Last week I have been working on extending of Include Path Libraries management in PDT and Zend Studio for Eclipse (Neon). The change won’t be released either in PDT 1.0.2 or in Zend Studio for Eclipse GA, but in the next ones (since it changed almost every aspect of products’ functionality).

The change’s idea is very trivial – until now you had the project’s root as a unchangeable default include path and ability to attach another project roots as additional include paths (variable and library functionality is not changed, except several minor bug fixes). And the point is to make the default visible and removable and to allow addition of specific folders both under same project and other PHP projects. Seems simple, huh? Well, it’s not so much.

The main change is very quick indeed – just replace IProject references with IContainer ones, handle properties serialization etc. and you are there. However when you think a bit about the model (classes, functions, constants) it comes that element beyond the specified folders should be invisible from within the project. Thus it was a need to implement a project’s model filtered wrapper, which efficiently cuts the unneeded elements from the model. Also include path order is relevant from now, which affects debugger execution. That’s about all the changes which affect PDT.

However, when Zend Studio for Eclipse comes to a picture, it becomes even more complicated. First of all, you have File Network in it, which is a graph of all PHP files connected by include/require statements. Second you have Organize Includes, Refactoring Move/Rename of file/folder and at last – include content assist (code completion). All of these should respect the change in configuration and also reflect the configuration change in reasonable time.

This time I won’t go deep into implementation, because it’s less interesting by itself and limit myself with just a brief demo:

Demo Thumbnail

Written by Seva

2007-12-16 (December 16) at 06:37:52