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Phing plugin for Eclipse PDT

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I love Ant integration into Eclipse JDT – it provides smart editor, handy auto-completion, and the most important – fully functional debugger.

Recently I have been laboring on porting a deployment system from shell scripts to Phing, a loose PHP port of Ant. And naturally, I miss the above. I still get a little aid from Eclipse – since Phing’s syntax is very close to Ant’s, I can at use Ant editor for Phing files to enjoy property navigation and target integrity validation.

I would be more than happy to announce that I’m going to fill the gap and implement Phing plugin for Eclipse PDT, but unfortunately – I’m too busy and too lazy. On the other hand, if you, my dear friend, will suddenly decide to accept this challenge, I can gladly invest my time in architecture, design, review & testing free of charge. 🙂 Or should I anyway try to start it myself?

Written by Seva

2010-04-15 (April 15) at 12:31:09

6 Responses

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  1. You pretend to do the most interesting part, and the “dirty” work to leave to others? I don’t think it can work that way 🙂

    Michael Spector

    2010-05-10 (May 10) at 05:03:51

    • It’s only the matter of resources. No other concerns. I would love doing the whole thing, if I wasn’t too busy and lazy 🙂


      2010-05-10 (May 10) at 05:23:14

  2. Is this project completed? I would like to work on this.

    Pavan Kumar N

    2012-09-03 (September 3) at 04:40:20

  3. Thank you for the quick reply. I have started exploring those links. I have started working on the phing plugin. By the way “architecture, design, review & testing free of charge” is this offer still valid?

    Pavan Kumar N

    2012-09-04 (September 4) at 07:04:12

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