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Windows XP x64, Cisco VPN Client, VirtualBox and Windows 7

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As you can easily guess from the subject, I had compatibility issue with installing Cisco VPN Client over my Windows XP x64 installation – the bastards refuse to release 64-bit version drivers. That was not a big deal for me, since I used to connect to the office from my ThinkPad T42 anyway.

But just these days Windows 7 has been pre-released, so to play with it a bit I installed the x86 version of it over VirtualBox.

Hence, in this very moment I’m tunneled through 6 network interfaces:

  1. Some neighbor’s wireless router
  2. Wireless adapter
  3. VirtualBox’s adapter
  4. Cisco’s virtual adapter
  5. Cisco’s VPN server
  6. Office workstation’s adapter

Written by Seva

2009-05-07 (May 7) at 01:23:37

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