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Reading blog rolls for years, I rather often meet posts of different “socially recognized” ones, which proudly inform us, that they are going to speak at some conference. And what’s very common is that the subject of their messages are literally that they are “speaking”.

What does that mean? That the main fact they provide us is that “they are speaking”, and not that “some important subject will be explained in their speeches”. Otherwise they would say that first.

What can I conclude? That most of them are just egoistic monkeys that in fact using the corresponding issues to promote themselves and collect more bananas, rather than they are really interested in sharing their information, which is (according to my understanding) the purpose of the conferences.

Other monkeys use the chance to participate in such sessions to promote themselves by asking “interesting” questions in these sessions…

It’s funny that some people thought that socializing the network may boost building selfless society. As I see it, it’s just a way for offline losers to find the bunch of other losers of the same kind and to gain respect among them to feed their ill and hungry ego with fast junk.

Well, personally I don’t mind. What I’m truly happy about is that people I respect for real are trying to spread the good by deed, rather by dissimulating word.

Written by Seva

2009-02-24 (February 24) at 04:54:09

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  1. Stop envying speakers! 🙂


    2009-03-24 (March 24) at 10:09:39

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