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Aptana “steals” PDT code

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Long time ago I set up Google alerts to receive new search results related to myself. And today I’ve discovered that Aptana steals prepares derivative work of PDT code.

The only visible “derivation” there is they changed package names, though. 🙂

Written by Seva

2009-01-05 (January 5) at 10:03:19

4 Responses

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  1. Dear Seva,
    As you might know, Aptana’s PHP is a free, open source project that Aptana contributes to the PHP developers community.
    Yes, some of the code, mainly the debugger, in this project was taken (not ’stolen’ as you described it) from the Eclipse PDT project (
    The PDT’s EPL license is honored and all the original comments and trademarks are in place.
    Aptana is no different then any other product, like Zend’s, that uses the PDT code base to create a better product. The main difference is that Aptana’s PHP is completely FREE.

    Regardless of my current position as the PHP project leader at Aptana, as a former PDT developer and contributor, just like you are, I am very happy to see that the code that I wrote years ago have propagate to other projects and helping other people. My code is in the property of the public now, and the public can use it as needed (as long as the license terms are met). This is the spirit of the open source, and I believe you know it by now 😉

    Shalom Gibly
    Lead Engineer for Aptana PHP

    Shalom Gibly

    2009-01-06 (January 6) at 12:09:16

    • Shalom, my dear friend! “Stealing” was just a joke here and I thought it would be pretty obvious to understand that 🙂

      I honor Aptana project very much for their effort to provide users with better development tools.


      2009-01-06 (January 6) at 10:28:18

  2. Seva, you code starts replicating itself over the internet! This is what I call self re-generation 🙂


    2009-01-06 (January 6) at 11:26:20

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