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LinkedIn WordPress integration

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I’ve just discovered (with a passive help of comrade Cal Evans) that LinkedIn added an application to embed WordPress blog entries into the profile.

There are two options for that – one is to share all the entries in there, and the second – to just share what was labeled as LinkedIn.

Not sure why exactly does it, but it seems kind of groovy to me 🙂

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2009-01-20 (January 20) at 01:59:22

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Aptana “steals” PDT code

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Long time ago I set up Google alerts to receive new search results related to myself. And today I’ve discovered that Aptana steals prepares derivative work of PDT code.

The only visible “derivation” there is they changed package names, though. 🙂

Written by Seva

2009-01-05 (January 5) at 10:03:19