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Nice Diagram Editor – yWorks’ yEd

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Today I felt need in simple diagram editor in order to draw a comprehensive flow-chart diagram.

Previously I widely used Dia, but it was always too painful to achieve acceptable results with no constant mistakes, and overall creation always took too long.

In the past I also several times evaluated Enterprise Architect, Visio and SmartDraw, but they were too heavy, not only from the package size and memory usage view, but also they required too much time to get used to them, and time is the most expensive resource, as you know.

So, today I’ve restarted the process of finding a simple and good diagram editor, and surprisingly, the first try give me the one, which caused me to stop immediately.

I won’t list here all yWorksyEd‘s features and won’t compare it to anything else – just try it, and I promise: you will be happy. The only thing to add is it’s very fast and light, despite the fact it’s java based.

Written by Seva

2008-02-21 (February 21) at 04:43:03

Posted in development, java, software

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  1. Out of curiosity, what about SmartDraw made it difficult to get used to? Did you ever try the 2008 version? Our focus on the latest release was automation and ease of use.

    Seva: I tried SmartDraw about 2 or even 3 years ago last time. And if I’ll suddenly find yEd less usable, I will try SmartDraw the first. Thanks.

    I’ll have to take yEd for a spin and see what it’s like.


    2008-02-21 (February 21) at 07:29:20

  2. […] "jqmodal", embeddedHeight: "400", embeddedWidth: "425", themeCSS: "" }); . Nice Diagram Editor yWorks’ yEd « Seva Lapsha at Work & around . Graphiken mit […]

    Yworks | TagHall

    2012-03-16 (March 16) at 04:18:45

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