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Zend Studio for Eclipse Release & cetera

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Dear diary,

I have 2 news for you today.

  1. Today we successfully released Zend Studio for Eclipse. My contribution to it, beyond PDT commitments, is Sebastian Bergmann‘s PHPUnit testing framework integration plug-in, File Network support, Organize Includes and other parts of Refactoring engine, Code Coverage browser… well, it seems that’s it. Maybe several additional, but minor things. Enjoy, guys. This is really a great (and some say – the best) PHP IDE.
  2. Occasionally, these are my last days at Zend Technologies. Since next week I’m starting at Nielsen Online (BuzzMetrics) to do text-mining. If you ask why, the answer is simple – I got bored of Zend, where I spent last 6.5 years of my life, and wanted to do something really new and exciting. I hope it will work 🙂 For now I’m planning to stay an Eclipse committer and continue to help my brothers at Zend to move on.

Written by Seva

2008-01-22 (January 22) at 06:21:52

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