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Initially I wanted to share with you, my dear blog, a very specific problem I had with running an application (I will certainly do it in the next post), but next I found interesting to talk about all my workstations I had at Zend since day 0 until now

Well, let’s start from the beginning. My first week or two at Zend I worked on a temporary machine with about (I don’t remember exactly) 400MHz Pentium II and 1/2Gb RAM. It was more than enough to run HTML-Kit with PHP functions plug-in and Outlook Express. I don’t remember neither her face nor her interior.

Afterwards I inherited my first ThinkPad laptop from my predecessor. It was a good old T21 with 700MHz Pentium III and 1/4Gb RAM and Windows 2000. She served me several years, survived a fall and display repair, outlasted hard disk crash, and experienced memory upgrade to 3/4Gb. My needs grown – I started to run Java based Zend Studio 2.5 and AMP. However, each time I asked our CTO/R&D/IT all-in-one person about CPU upgrade (=new machine), he reminded me that 700Mhz Pentium III is a very powerful processor. It didn’t help though.

Finally somehow one of my frequently shuffling bosses did succeed to swap for an used R51 one with 1.3Ghz Celeron M, 1Gb RAM and 15″ 1K*3/4K display and Windows XP. The only reasonable advantage of this fright was it’s somewhat faster CPU, while its overweight, size, design and accommodation was a certain downgrade. Anyway, she was with me another 2 years until I met my new and current laptop.

Those days, my boss was the company’s IT manager (I didn’t understand fully correlation between office’s infrastructure and e-Business development and just accepted that castling as a fact), which illicitly purveyed for me the T41 with 1.5Ghz Centrino and 2Gb DDR RAM, which I’m using right now to write this post.

After another year I moved from the e-Business team to Development Tools group and got stationary machine again. Now she runs Windows XP over Intel Dual Core and 2Gb RAM, however about 3 months there was also a OpenSUSE Linux 10.2 on additional hard disk, since I needed to work on Linux related issues under Eclipse IDE.

And after all I gathered another machine with Intel’s 64bit processor, which runs Kubuntu 7.04 alone. With that, I removed my SUSE installation and got a switch to share my display and peripherials between two of my mates.


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2007-07-18 (July 18) at 10:02:00

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