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Today (yesterday, actually) Development Tools group enjoyed the day of recreational activities.

Here comes the brief list of our activities at National Park of Gan ha-Shlosha:

  • Two team orienteering competition – The group was randomly divided into 2 teams, each of them received maps, showing where envelops with parts of a puzzle were hidden. The assembled puzzle should show where is the treasure located. I personally didn’t really believed in our team’s success, though made my best; but surprisingly we won.
  • Kayaks basketball game – The meaning of this weird activity was to paddle down-stream the river, to gather secret code for accessing a basketball from the supervisor, to return up-stream and while being in the kayak to score it to the basket as many times as you can. Not so exciting, honestly. But the paddling itself was awesome.
  • Massages – 3 massageurs served us, allowing massage kind selection. Generally I like massages very much, but this time it didn’t do to me well.
  • Volleyball competition – I found I haven’t completely forgot to play this game. My last time was about 12 years ago, but the arms still remember the movements.
  • Spontaneous water games in the river.
  • Board and card games on the river’s bank.

    In the end we drove to Herb Farm restaurant and had a not bad meal with wine there.

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    2007-06-26 (June 26) at 11:29:00

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