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PDT and me

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Luckily, some projects I work on currently are open sourced, what makes me able to post close to everything I want about them.

I have been involved in PDT more than one year, starting with my entrance to Zend’s Development Team (After finishing to work about 4 years in the e-Business team as Zend’s site developer and maintainer. 4 long, hard and pleasant years of coding PHP. Needless to say, how proud I was to start developing tools for people like ex-me – common PHP gurus.).

Terse History
PDT (former PHP-IDE) was born from two parents – IBM and Zend. The father dipped two mature committers, which fertilized the idea (and withdrew shortly thereafter); and mother’s bosom solicitously received the contribution and started to grow it carefully. As every whelp, PDT got it’s good and bad heritage from their parents. Some code chunks were (sometimes thoughtlessly) copied from JDT/JST, others were forcedly brought from Zend Studio. There were hot discussions, hard solutions, brilliant brain-waves and horrible mistakes…

But, as we know, time heals. Now, when we are close to the first release of the product, the situation is not so bad. The model is robust, views are useful and informative, debugger support is awesome. Performance is acceptable.

And, surprisingly or not, the project became one of the most popular among other Eclipse’s ones with thousands of daily downloads, dedicated and energetic community. It conquered most of its competitors (this may be disputable) and even came close to compete with the real monster – Zend Studio itself.

My commitment
Now it’s hard to remember each line of code I committed to the project, but fortunately and occasionally I found the amazing site of Ohloh, which kindly refreshed my memory.

So, let’s go. I’ve added/changed about 25k lines of code, which is not so much when comparing with some other committers. It’s not surprising, since most of my code were feature improvements, performance optimizations and bug fixes. As results of my direct work which are visible with unaided eye, I can mention only these things:

  • Outline views (PHP Explorer View, Project view and Editor Outline View) synchronization,
  • Include Path trees in PHP Explorer View,
  • Files Drag-and-drop support,
  • Smart bookmark enablement and
  • The project’s download site.

    That’s all, folks. Not so much, honestly. But I have to mention, that I am still proud of each character I typed.


  • Written by Seva

    2007-06-25 (June 25) at 04:58:00

    Posted in past, pdt, php

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