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With this I am starting a blog, which will contain my experience reports on working at Zend Technologies.

It’s possibly a bit late to start just now, since I’m already an ‘old’ Zender, working here from September 2001. But – it’s better late than never.

In the future posts I will attempt to refresh in my memory what happened to me in these years, and ofcourse will describe what I’m doing currently. Unfortunately, however, parts of my deeds are confedential, so they will be hidden until the secrecy will become obsolete.

For now this blog will not be published and promoted. If you are reading these lines, you probably have good reasons for that. Oh, am talking to myself?

That’s it by now.

P.S. My English is poor, please don’t judge strictly. 🙂

Written by Seva

2007-06-25 (June 25) at 04:40:00

Posted in future, past

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